The reality is that life offers many circumstances for which there is no explanation or which can sometimes become overwhelming for us mere mortals. There are issues with which we cannot help ourselves, hurts we do not know how to deal with, mistakes we need to be forgiven for, and obstacles that we are unable to overcome by ourselves. In an instant, life can change and we are confronted with an experience that leaves us perplexed and confused and hurting. Sometimes we are brought to tears because of heavy burdens or difficult decisions. Some days we have to ask ourselves how did I get so completely engulfed in what seems to be so many difficulties or problems. We cant understand how we got to this point in our life where it seems that we cant handle one more trial. Sometimes we feel like the whole world is about to come down upon us. These realities can rob us of our joy and replace it with fear. Most, if not all, of us who have some years behind us have experienced this condition, perhaps, more than once.

          It is during these times that we need to remember that God is still on His throne and He wants us to continue to have faith in His righteousness. (Psalm 11) David sang a song to the Sovereign LORD — Psalm 18 — in which he expressed praise to The LORD as his rock and his strength and deliverer, Whose way is perfect, Whose word is proven, and by Whom David could stand up against great opposition and perform great feats. God is the author and director of each of our lives — when we place our trust in Him! He knows the reason for our tears and those dark and dismal valleys” in our life. He knows the safest path and where we can find refuge. (Psalms 23&61) He can turn our tears from sorrow to joy! (Psalm 126:5/Isa. 35:10) Remember that He carries most of the weight of our burdens and has given to us far more than we deserve. (John 3:16) The truth is that nothing in this physical life here is insurmountable. (James 1:12 & 1st Peter 4:12-19) We must remember, also, that our ultimate victory is not about our own ability to conquer. We must believe that our ultimate victory is — only and entirely — because of what Jesus Christ, our Savior, has done for us!

(Psalm 40:2; 62:2&6; 89:26; Rom. 5:11 and 1st Corin. 15:55-57)

My continual prayer is that God will continue to bless all of us in our efforts to live our lives in His service!



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